Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gotta see a woman about a horse

Yesterday I met with Chet's owner and set up the lease for three months.  It was great to meet with her and see her work Chet.  I feel like I'm on the right track and now I know what to demand of him.

In three months I'll know if I want to buy him or move on to a different horse.  Currently my only waverings are how he'll do on trail, gymkhana, and do I want such a huge horse or do I want a smaller quarter horse.  Trail riding is the most important.  Gymkhana is just for fun, so he doesn't have to be very good at it, he just has to behave and try.  Eventually I want to try trail trials, but that's a ways off.

Now I have to put the rest of my horsey life in order.  What do I do about lessons at the other ranch?  I think I want to pay for 10 more, but go just every other week.  I'll keep riding Cookies since she's a little quarter horse.  I'll have that comparison with Chet.  I also have to figure out how much I can do to help G stay in shape.  I don't want him to go down hill now that I'm moving on to Chet.

I also have to look at trailers and trucks.  That isn't a big rush, but I'll want to be able to take my horse places.

My arm hurts, I have a good cut from a gate, my nose is burned, and I'm tired...and so happy!

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